Saturday, January 01, 2005

About This Site

When I first started this photoblog, I never expected it to become much more than a place to put a few photos. Instead, it has mushroomed into something huge as I have discovered how much I like taking pictures (and many of you have told us how much you like seeing them).

So...while you may find a miscellaneous picture here or there, what you will see most of are photessays - series of photos that I've taken, with a brief narrative to describe what's going on. Usually, there will only be one series on a given day, and since I'm now archiving on a daily basis that should make the pages load much faster (fewer photos open at one time).

In general, the first post in a series will provide a brief explanation of what the series is about, and then there will be some convenient link to jump to the bottom and scroll up if you want to see things sequentially. Note that if you highlight the links over on the master index, you will see the dates I actually took the pictures (which are usually a couple of days earlier than the actual archive dates).

Finally, I get asked a lot what camera we are using: it's a 5 megapixel Canon Powershot A95, and we've been incredibly pleased with the results.