Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Saturday Night Wedding

Ok then! So here are all the photos from Jessica's big day on Saturday, August 13, 2005. You can click here to jump to the bottom and then scroll up to see them in chronological order. Once again, if you see anything you'd like to make prints from, let me know and I can burn you a CD.

Final shot - a very happy mother of the groom! Way to go Debbie! You did an amazing job with this wedding...

There we go - time to kiss and make up!

Ah gee, that was way too neat and tidy. I guess they'll remain happily married after all...

"Ah, now for the fun part... let's feed each other this cake we just cut. You smear it all over me and I'll smear it all over you"

Wow. All that work for such a little slice.

"No, ding dong. You just cut it, like THIS" (tension mounting, as we all wait for the inevitable)

"Here sweetie (grunt, grunt), let me show you (grunt) how it's (grunt) done"

"Ok Dave, you take the little knife and cut a little slice..." (they make such a cute couple don't they?)

"Ok dear, what do we do with this?"

Well of course there's cake! It wouldn't be a wedding without it! I dared my boys to stick a finger in the frosting, and they returned to tell me that someone had already beaten them to it.

"There IS cake isn't there???"

With Mia, saying "Where's the Cake?!?!?"

Nori and Hannah

The chef, carving us some turkey (which was very, very excellent, btw!). It took about three or four tries to get this photo to actually turn out since I was shooting without a flash at slow shutter speed - any movement at all and things get blurry quick. But again, I love the warmth you get in shots like these...

Grandpa and Naomi

Here's a great shot of Jessica at the reception

Here's a nice closeup. Aren't you glad we don't have anything like this running around the mountains of Montana? (well, actually, we do...)

Someone looks a little upset that they didn't get any of the wedding cake

Remember how I told you the wedding was taking place at a zoo? Well here's proof! They left the tigers out for all of us to see at the reception which immediately followed.

Shot of Max, the boy-wonder-on-the-cello.

And wouldn't you know it, but I missed the kiss. Well, I didn't exactly miss it - but the shot was blurry. So you'll have to settle for this one instead - Mr. And Mrs. Fortesque walking down the isle as man and wife.

A closeup of the same

Finally, the taking of vows

And more of the same.

Words of admonition

The judge did something cool - he had the couple turn around and face the crowd at the beginning, which I liked.

Nice shot of Raineer in the background

Taking their stand before all the witnesses...

Finally! Here comes the bride!

And here are all the bridesmaids (notice how much brighter and cheery it is already?)

Here's one more shot of those girls.

...taking their places with bated breath

Here come the flower girls!

Dave and his band of merry men, all waiting with bated breath for the woman of his dreams (notice the gloom that overshadows them all - will she arrive? will she be ravishing? tension mounts...)

Dave and the Judge, who will be performing the ceremony.

The groom, with Mt Raineer hovering in the background (Do you suppose there's any symolic significance in getting married with a dormant volcano in the distance? Hmmm...)

Robbie's wife Sam, looking back for the bride.

Nori and Mark, admiring the view.

And a fine photo of Hannah admiring the program.

Here's a nice shot of Brian's wife, Denice.


Several more shots of the string section

Dave's mom Debbie greeting guests of honor at the gate.

Hmmm...what do you suppose Micah's looking at in the background there? Hmmm...we probably don't want to know.

And another of Grandpa Balster too.

Excellent shot of Barb!

Marilyn, Samuel, and Great Grandpa Balster.

Nice shot of Marilyn and Samuel.

Here we are preparing for the actual ceremony. They had a really excellent string ensemble to provide the music.

Robbie and Nicholas, looking suave with the baby stroller.