Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Memorial Day on the Stillwater

[Please note, these pictures are arranged in reverse chronological order (last first), so you may want to scroll down a ways and then work your way back up. Also note that you can get to larger versions by clicking on any of the images]

Final shot, looking south down East Rosebud canyon, as we drive on over to Red Lodge for pizza in the evening.
These are some massive hydraulics.
Two words: Class VI (that's Kayaking lingo for "You have a very good chance of drowning if you try and boat this baby")
Heading back down, before it starts to rain.
Looking back down the Stillwater, as it gets ready to enter the gorge.
For some reason this reminds me of Fangorn Forest...can you see the ent back there in the background?
More broiling, boiling, water. I just think it's pretty.
Marilyn's Sourdough Flapjack
Sioux Charley Lake, Stillwater drainage.
Alfred & Trudy Poirier, our resident wilderness guides.
Aspens (2)
Aspens (1)
What can I say? Simply stunning...
Any question why I married this woman?
Grace likes hiking. Really.
Sonja. This is one of those picture's that really is worth a thousand words.
A closer look at that weathered snag...
Who ever thought rocks and dead trees could be so beautiful?
Anya and Matthew. (Can you see the tiny tick crawling up Anya's pant leg? She must not be able to, or she wouldn't be smiling so serenely...)
Who's that hiding behind the rock? A mermaid? Up here? This is another place where you REALLY wouldn't want to fall in...
3 beautiful young girls - Emily Barrie, Rebekah Cryder, and Emily Skiles. Mountain women in a mountain meadow.
Christian looks at the camera, Jack looks at the water, and you should look at the trees growing out of the canyon wall in the background. How does that work???
As you hike along the trail, the canyon narrows and the river accelerates.
Stillwater river, just above Woodbine. You would not want to fall in...
Roscoe, MT, looking towards East and West Rosebud drainages