Monday, October 30, 2006

One Dark and Stormy Night

On the night before Halloween, it was a dark and stormy night. Well, not really stormy, actually. Just cold. And clear. And dark. Yes. It was very dark. Dark like the nights when the headless horseman rides looking for his head...

Ok, ok, so much for spooky stories. The kids and I got ready for Fall tonight, by carving up the the big 'ol pumpkin we bought last week. And the result? Well look for yourself! As always, you may want to jump to the bottom and scroll up...

And here's a parting shot, looking at it straight on.

Here you can see the actuall carving work on the pumpkin a little bit better.

One more angle on the backside... (I really liked how these shots turned out, but it was awfully hard taking them. I need to learn how to shoot "candlelight" type shots like this better...)

And what do we have there on the back? Brother Moon!

another shot of the front side

So what exactly are we carving? Well here you go! It's Mr. Sun!

The kids are simply speechless (oh no, here goes Dad - off the deep end again!)

Brain surgery on your gourd.

Gotta love the hat, eh?

Here you can get an idea what we're carving...

The Master in his Workshop.

So what exactly do you do with that skill saw? Well you jam it into the side of the pumpkin and you carve away!

Who is that masked man? Is it Robin Hood? No! It's Pumpkin Head! Fearless Carver of the Pumpkin Patch, with his handy dandy pumpkin carving tool! Scary, huh?