Sunday, October 08, 2006

Big Sky Football

So here are some shots from Malachi's football game the other night, along with some pics of the cool storm that rolled through while we were there. As usual, you can jump to the bottom and scroll up to see it sequentially...

And viola! We're back to football!

Then before you know it, the sun was out again. Beautiful!

And another version of the same thing, zoomed in just a little bit.

Here's a really cool shot of the sun peaking through the clouds.

That's because there's a storm coming in from the southwest, down by Lolo.

Back to the game. here's Malachi on defense again (he got a couple of tackles in the game, which was good). Notice how it's getting darker?

And here's Ryan with his youngest son, Asher.

I think Bridger might actually be more interested in his sucker than in the game...

Now since Ryan and Rachel were in town looking for a house, they came to the game too. This is their son Bridger...

And here he is, standing on the sideline. Don't smile son. You have to look MEAN!!!! (ok, you can smile for the picture ;-)

Needless to say, he's the biggest kid on the freshman team. And he's bigger than the ref too.

Here's another shot here, as he's playing defense...

So last Thursday Malachi had another football game - Big Sky vs. Sentinel - and this time I brought the camera along. There he is, #43, the really tall kid in the middle.