Saturday, June 25, 2005

Flowers At Dusk

Here are some shots of flowers that I took this evening as the sun was setting. You can click here to jump to the bottom and scroll up sequentially...
Rockwort #1 at dusk.

For some reason, I think of butterflies and elven fairies in twilight when I look at the hi-res version of this photo (I'm not sure I should be admitting that).
Violet Asters in shadow

I just think this one's pretty.
Rockwort #5
Rockwort #4

#4 and #5 (above) are almost identical, except that #4 is framed horizontally, and #5 is framed vertically. I couldn't decide which I liked better. Tell me what you think?
Pink Aster in setting sun

This was the biggest of the flowers, at about 2" across.
Rockwort #2 (in the sun).

Each of these little beauties is only about a quarter of an inch across - the closest is only about an inch away from the lens. The detail in the hi-res view of these is stunning.
Flowers out front this evening (Penstemon?)

Just a hair off on the focus here (I'm about 1/2 inch too close to the flower, but I liked the color and composition and so I posted it anyway.
I took a handful of flower photos tonight as the sun was setting. It's always interesting to catch the sunlight playing off objects at first and last light.
Portulaca (Moss Rose)
Scroll up to see the rest, and remember that you can click on any photo to see a hi-res version. None of these has been color adjusted or cleaned up - what you see is what you get.