Saturday, August 27, 2005

Sundance Sally Turns 10

Well, Sundance Sally has had a birthday! On Aug 25, she turned 10 years old. Can you believe it? Click here to jump to the bottom and then scroll up to see the party unfold sequentially...

Auntie Kerry says, "Mmmm... I want some!" (Actually, she's probably thinking what the rest of us adults are all thinking: "When is this thing going to be over???" Good grief these kids run on high octane...)

Aunt Ciarra says, "Mmm...good cake!"

Even the crowd is impressed! There's Uncle Nicholas and Aunt Ciarra, with Molly, Grandma Clarice and Auntie Kerry in the background. Quite the crew...

Wow. Just what every 10 year old needs - a bright pink shirt to go with that nice blue crepe paper hula skirt. The birthday girl grins! The photographer is giddy!

And how old did you say you were? 10???

Whoa! The Incredibles DVD! Suh-weeet! (That's me on the cover - Mr. Incredible)

Speaking of presents, someone got a pretty cool kitty!

" mean those presents aren't for me??? Well what kind of party is this, anyway? Hmph..."

And so is little miss Mia!

Hey look! Hailey's here too!

As was her little sister Grace (Grace seems to be awful interested in that sippy cup - what did you guys put in that thing, anyway???)

Rebekah's good friend Emily was also in attendance

So who else showed up for the party? Well here's Rebekah's friend from across the street, Katie...

Look at that - she got every one! That girl must be full of hot air! :-)

And speaking of birthday parties, here's the Birthday Girl! Rebekah Cryder, age 10! Can you believe it??? All our kids are in double digits now. Wow. We must be getting old...

Speaking of little Owen, here's his proud dad Matt, later on in the day at Rebekah's birthday party!

Hey guess what! Thursday Aug 25 was Rebekah's birthday. And what was one of her presents? A brand new cousin!!! This is little Owen, born to Matt and Carrie Rae on the previous day (Aug 24). Owen's big sister Hailey looks plenty proud!