Thursday, June 01, 2006

Westminster Milestones

Well, here's our last week at Westminster, combined with our trek back to Montana (the shots here begin Thursday afternoon in Philly, and end on Sunday evening as we drive back into Montana). You may want to jump to the bottom and scroll up to see things in chronological order...

And a great shot of Marilyn, driving us off into the sunset as we enter the promised land!

This was just a really cool shot of the sun peeking out just before it set - we're just past Sheridan at this point, almost into Montana.

And here we are with our first sight of mountains (the Bighorns)! We're in Wyoming at this point...

Here's a picture of the kids next to some mounted elk and a huge moose - that sucke is at least 6' at the shoulder, folks! HUGE!

Here's what it looks like when you walk into the store (you really need to click on the image to see the large version to appreciate all the stuff inside. There are LOTS of mounts...

And then of course, there is Cabela's! Cabela's is something akin to Mecca when it comes to sporting goods...

There actually is some beautiful scenery along the way, in the form of these marshy wetland areas along side the highway.

Of course, if you have any foot problems, you'll be in good hands with Dick's Toe Service to bail you out! (I wonder what they do in the body shop?) Only in South Dakota, folks...

And of course, the Corn Palace! (woo hoo!)

...other than billboards for Wall Drug.

And here we are in the middle of South Dakota on Sunday. Not much to see...

And here they are with Marilyn and me.

Friday afternoon we pulled out of town and drove 3 hrs to Marilyn's folks place. This is us with Marvin & Peggy Klaassen in Milton, PA, early Saturday morning. We'll drove some 2000 miles over the next two days.

Want to know how serious we were about loading? Less than 24 hours after walking down to isle to receive my diploma, the house is empty and we are ready to hit the road. This is us, in the alley, bidding our Philly home adieu forever! (Hmmm, Marilyn seems awfully happy, doesn't she?)

One more shot - that's Lover there on the far right below Malachi.

So what did we do after graduation? Went home and started loading the trailer. This is Ryan Kellermeyer (on the left), with his truck (that classic piece of white trash there in the center), and then a whole bunch of neighbor kids who helped us load. Thanks guys!!!! :-)

This time its Kathy Lee and Liz Hager. Liz is another person we've only really gotten to know this last semester, and I'm thankful for it (and thank you for praying, Liz!)

Me, Kathy Lee, and Mark Robinson (we're all starting to look a little tired aren't we?)

Here's Hebrew Prof (and friend across the alley) Mike Kelly, with fellow graduate Mark Robinson, and Malachi grinning like a Cheshire cat there in the background. Nice mugs, guys!

Matt Armstrong and his wife.

Matt & Shin with the whole family

Here's a great shot of Matt & Shin Linn, who attend Spirit & Truth with us. Come West guys, come West!!!

Another one of me. Hey, who's that lurking in the background?!? :-)

Yes, here's a shot of me in my regalia. Move along folks. Nothing to see here. Move along!

Well whaddya know - its our dear friend Molly, who graduated last year but was back in town again this time around in order to see some of her friends graduate! Molly is a major Greek stud(dette), and she is currently working for Peacemaker Ministries back home in MT.

Here is another dear friend, Trina Wisecup! Trina is very, very quiet. We met her at the end of the first year, and talked with her a couple of times since then. Only recently (in the last 3 months) have we really gotten to know Trina well, and I am so thankful for the opportunity - she is a real gem, and we look forward to seeing what God does in her life in the future.

Me with Al Groves. Al is currently battling incurable melanoma, with an amazing amount of grace and godliness. I have learned lots simply by watching him. In in all reality, I may never see Al again this side of glory, and that is a sad and sobering thought. Pray for Al and his family...

What's this? Dr Gaffin with a halo? St. Gaffin? I kind of like that... :-)

Here is Dr. Richard Gaffin, whose emphasis on Union With Christ has also been extremely influential for me in terms of practical theology.

This is a great shot of Will Reinmuth with his daughter, which captures the exhaustion we all feel at this point.

And here's our dear friend Janine, whom we didn't really get to know until this past year.

This is OT prof Doug Green, whose Psalms class was hugely influential for how I think about the inspiration of Scripture.

Here's a shot of Manny's right hand (wo)man - Sue Baker!

And here's a nice shot of Terry Traylor, my other Philly church planting mentor. At his side are Ryan and Rachel, who will be joining us in Missoula this Fall...

The best part was after the ceremony, when all the grads mingled in the lobby, taking pictures with friends and profs. Here is my Philly pastor/mentor, Manny Ortiz. We are going to dearly miss Manny and Blanca and all the folks at Spirit & Truth Fellowship...

And here is you're truly, receiving my diploma. Woo hoo! (Thankyou Marilyn and kids for not killing me or leaving me during this whole thing!)

Nice shot of Al Groves and Dr. Lilliback

Here we are, shortly before graduation on Thursday - still packing like crazy! Alyssa came by to say goodby!